Successfully Selling Your Home in New York City - An Overview



Selling your residential home or property in New York can be an arduous process. And we understand you need some guidance. We put together this section to guide you through all the major steps--from Valuation all the way through Closing--to make it easier for you as you wade through this important life decision.



Valuation & Marketing

These are your first steps into this world of selling. You'll get the full process from the valuation of your home all the way through the listing and marketing exposure. And in between you will get first hand information how to prepare your team (broker, lawyers, etc) and sprucing up your property to make it sparkle for potential buyers.


Offers & Negotiation

With your home in full marketing mode, showcasing your property to potential buyers and receiving offers is the next step in the selling process. During this vital phase, it is important to have experience and guidance in order for you to maximize your home's value. Negotiation is tricky, but a steady hand with proven strategy will help achieve your goals.


Contract & Closing

You received a quality offer! Congrats! But don't pop the champagne just yet. This phase includes a lot of inspection and diligent homework, both from you (the seller) and the buyer. The final kicking of tires takes place. Inspectors come in with their gadgets. Lawyers spring into action. Financial forms are filled and printed. Yet, the end is near but the dizzying process is laid out as you're about to cross the finish line.