About The Brooklyn Works Project:


Finding intrigue in the mundane is not hard to do in a one-of-a-kind city like Brooklyn, NY. In “The Brooklyn Works Project”, we dive under the surface of everyday work and discover the intricacies of making a living in Brooklyn. Have you ever looked at the conductor of the subway train and wondered what it’s like to escort most of the city’s population from work each day? Or looked up “attorney in brooklyn” and found over 10 different types of attorneys that you’d never even heard of? Host, Jim Winters, has been satisfying his curiosity about the professionals he meets by simply asking them the questions nobody else does and now, he brings that to you. In this series, Jim invites a guest from the Brooklyn workforce onto every episode to share their stories and bring a whole new perspective on what it means to work in Brooklyn, NY. Jim Winters has been a real estate broker in New York City for 15 years and has rubbed elbows with all different kinds of Brooklyn professionals. In the process he has learned from them, been amazed by their journeys and inspired to share their stories with the public.